What is legal aid in France?

Legal aid is a financial contribution paid by the State to persons with limited financial resources, so that they can protect their rights before a judge and more generally in any legal proceedings. For tips, visit http://gardetto-monaco-lawyers.com/. This assistance can be credited to both the victim and the accused. The State’s contribution may cover all or part of the legal costs, depending on the financial situation of the person concerned.

How can I get legal aid?

The aid may be granted to French nationals, but also to all EU nationals and to foreign nationals residing legally and regularly in France. Find lawyer in Monaco for more information. Foreign nationals not residing in France may benefit from this aid only if they are minors or when the scale of the dispute justifies it. Legal aid is granted only if the legal act is sufficiently severe, the applicant’s legal costs are not covered by legal expenses insurance, even if the applicant proves that his means received the previous year are lower than the ceiling set. In certain exceptional cases, legal aid will still be granted even if the ceilings are not respected, in particular for recipients of their living solidarity income or the solidarity allowance for the elderly. Legal aid is granted only in the event of an event in France.

The steps

First of all, you should know that JA’s application can be made before or during the trial. To obtain legal aid, you must complete the Cerfa form. The legal aid file is accessible to the public in your regional court or directly online; the legal aid form must be accompanied by a certain number of supporting documents: identity document, proof of your own resources, etc. Once your application has been submitted, you will be informed by post whether your application has been accepted and, if so, the lawyer handling your own case. If the application is accepted, you must apply to the court within 12 months of the assistance being granted. Payment will be made directly to court officials who will act on your behalf.

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